EcoPods To Officially Launch at the National Ploughing Championships in Carlow

Richard Neill and Keith Dawson of EcoPods take a break while they prepare the final touches to their stand ahead of the National Ploughing Championships

EcoPods will be the newbies at the National Ploughing Championships 2019. Bet you didn’t think you’d find an ideal accommodation solution in a field in Carlow, but our EcoPods can work anywhere.

EcoPods are a high-quality alternative to a permanent build providing an energy efficient living or working space. We’re an Irish Company, set up in 2018, who are working with a German manufacturer to create EcoPods designed for the Irish market. The beauty of an EcoPod is its flexibility–because they come with a luxury shower room and kitchenette installed, their potential uses are wide-ranging. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll have two of our premium self-contained living space EcoPods setup on-site at the National Ploughing Championships so do stop by and have a look yourself and see how they could be the perfect solution for you or your business.

Imagine solving your living or business space needs in a simple and energy efficient way, without the need to take on a big building project?

The team at EcoPods will give you a tour, explain the features including its low maintenance and 30 year guarantee, and you won’t have to imagine anymore!

You’ll find EcoPods at The National Ploughing Championships Stand 579 (Block 4, Row 25).


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