Premium Package

  • Extra wide Pod to accommodate Double Bed.
  • Architecturally Designed Glass Front Elevation.
  • Custom Fitted Kitchenette with robust stainless steel counter top and integrated fridge with additional storage closet mounted overhead.
  • Heavier Density Heat Insulation.
  • Complies with Fire Regulations.
  • Warm Domestic Wood Effect Floor.
  • Extra sockets.
  • Luxury Bathroom with;
  • Large (900mm X 900mm) Irish manufactured Neptune leak free Shower Enclosure.
  • 3-way sliding shower door to provide easy access and prevent water from dripping onto floor.
  • Wet Room floor water drain.
  • Water Boiler to prevent requirement for high wattage electricity power connections.
  • Wall hung WC.
  • Recessed cistern and pipe work.


  • L × W × H : 6,055 × 3,000 × 2,890 mm
  • Walls, floor and roof made of large format panels in sandwich technology.
  • Insulating layer against moisture and cold. Heavy gauge steel will not rot, twist or crack as it is galvanized and has a long life span.
  • Formaldehyde-free materials.
  • No thermal bridging by design.
  • Leak free shower enclosure.


  • Leak free shower enclosure from Irish owned Neptune Bathing – (900m x 900m) providing a long term, maintenance free solution to all your showering needs
  • 3-way drip proof, easy access sliding shower door.
  • Wall hung WC to prevent floor from rotting (which can occur with floor mounted WCs)
  • 30 litre water heaters supplied - no high power consumption from electric shower
  • Delay extract fan and frosted ventilation window fitted.


  • The floors of every EcoPod are fabricated as large - format panels in sandwich technology and therefore optimally insulated against moisture and cold.
  • Large - format PUR rigid foam panels
  • No thermal bridging.
  • A galvanised dead floor with protective coating forms the bottom.


  • Automated computer-controlled cutting torch technology ensures maximum accuracy and guarantees the consistently high quality of every EcoPod frame.
  • Self-supporting frames.
  • Heavier gauge metal to increase structural frame and floor rigidity; all hot dipped and galvanised allowing an EcoPod to be relocated on numerous occasions whilst ensuring that the EcoPod retains its qualities for comfortable living.
  • EcoPods come with a 30-year structural guarantee.


  • The EcoPod walls are made of large format panels in sandwich technology for excellent insulation against moisture and cold.


  • The roof consists of galvanised aluminium profiled sheeting according to DIN 12944.
  • Rainwater is drained through box gutters with leaf grates on the narrow sides.

Front Elevation

  • Glazed front elevation with opening ventilation windows