Potential Uses

How could an EcoPod work for you?

EcoPods are a flexible living space solution, these are just some of their potential uses :

Potential Use Case 1

We live in County Dublin, it’s an ideal location but we’ve outgrown our home. We had been planning an attic conversion but with a young family we didn’t want the disturbance of a build. We were also struggling to find a builder in Dublin that could do the work. For us, an EcoPod provided the perfect solution. It arrived ready to move in.

Potential Use Case 2

We’ve always had problems finding and retaining staff due to the lack of quality affordable accommodation. We purchased 6 EcoPods which we have set up on site near our hotels to house members of our team. When they’ve days off they tend to travel home but the EcoPods mean they have a comfortable and quality place to stay when they are working. This investment in our staff has made us a really desirable employer.

Potential Use Case 3

I run my business from my home in Kildare, over the last few years my business has expanded. I needed a space to work that wasn’t a shared space with my family, especially when meeting clients! An EcoPod was the perfect solution for me as a home office.

Potential Use Case 4

We wanted to use the services of an AuPair to mind our children during the summer but we didn’t really have the space. An EcoPod provided the perfect solution.